We welcome your support of our efforts to restore a Catholic education tradition in the Honesdale area of northeast Pennsylvania. As a Montessori school we place the dignity of the child before any educational mandate and strive to align ourselves as closely as possible to Dr. Montessori’s original vision for her schools. And that includes an understanding that our faith informs every part of our lives. The search for truth to which all education aspires ends in the love of our Creator, our Savior, and our Teacher–Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Montessori education opens the door to wonder and beauty and leads the child on the way of Truth.
Please join us in our efforts to provide a quality Catholic education for our area. Our current needs include, most importantly, financial assistance for families who wish to attend, and secondly, funding for our expansion in the Elementary levels of Montessori education. When you donate, you may specify what you wish your donation to be used for.

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