Our Mission

The mission of Saint Dominic’s Academy is to provide a comprehensive education for our children in body, mind and spirit, based on the precepts and teachings of the Catholic Church and established in accordance with all of the applicable regulations of Pennsylvania. While working in cooperation with families, our program implements the teaching and principles of Dr. Maria Montessori, providing an environment that stimulates the child’s natural curiosity and prepares him/her to become an independent, self-reliant and compassionate human being.

The Way of Beauty- Via PulchritudinisPentecost_1
Montessori education strives to lead the child through beauty to truth and goodness. This fulfills the call to action by Pope Francis and is our goal.
“Every expression of true beauty can thus be ac­knowledged as a path leading to an encounter with the Lord Jesus. This has nothing to do with fostering an aesthetic relativism which would downplay the inseparable bond between truth, goodness and beauty, but rather a renewed es­teem for beauty as a means of touching the hu­man heart and enabling the truth and goodness of the Risen Christ to radiate within it. If, as Saint Augustine says, we love only that which is beautiful, the incarnate Son, as the revelation of infinite beauty, is supremely lovable and draws us to himself with bonds of love. So a forma­tion in the via pulchritudinis ought to be part of our effort to pass on the faith.” Pope Francis, 2015 (Source: http://www.cardinalnewmansociety.org/CatholicEducationDaily/DetailsPage/tabid/102/ArticleID/2722/Pope-Francis-Makes-First-Major-Statements-on-Catholic-Education.aspx#sthash.dOQ0Opx7.dpuf

Our mission is accomplished through the cooperative efforts of parents, our teaching staff, and the board of directors.


Board of Directors:

Kathleen Bateman, President and Chief Executive Officer

Tom Shepstone, Vice President

Marian Menapace, Secretary

Terri Parrish, Treasurer

Caroline Lorent

Jennifer Suhosky  

Michelle Rickard

Gertrude Fritz


Ex Officio Board Member

Dr. Mary Ford, St. Tikhon’s Seminary


Parish Liaisons

Claire Harvey, St. John’s, Honesdale

Pat Mulcare, St. Mary’s, Waymart  

Marian Menapace, St. Thomas More, Lake Ariel



Pastoral Advisory Board

Fr. Richard Beck, Pastor, Queen of Peace, Hawley

Fr. William Langan, Pastor, St. John’s Parish, Honesdale and Chaplain of Third Order of Dominicans of NEPA

Fr. Steven Stavoy, Pastor, St. Thomas More Parish, Lake Ariel

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